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Standard Driven Heterogeneous Programming with oneAPI

Getting the maximum achievable performance out of today’s hardware requires developers to delicately balance the unlocking of their hardware's full... Read More

Accelerate PyTorch with IPEX and oneDNN

Enjoy Ease of Use and More Efficient Hardware Performance Figure 1. AVX512_BF16 instruction set introduced in 3rd gen Intel Xeon... Read More

Speed Training 8X Using PyTorch with oneCCL Backend

Train Complex Models in Hours, Not Days, with Distributed Training Fig.1 Software stacks for PyTorch DistributedDataParallel. CCL is one of... Read More

Developer Story: How We Ported oneDNN to Fugaku with Arm

Fujitsu optimized and ported the oneDNN DL process library software for the Armv8-A instruction set so that it can be... Read More

Huawei Extends DPC++ with Support for its Ascend AI Chipset

Applying the oneAPI Industry Initiative to Real-World AI Use Cases Wilson Feng, Rasool Maghareh and Amy Wang collaborate on compiler... Read More

Newsflash: oneAPI 1.1 Provisional Spec Available Now!

I’m thrilled to see how far oneAPI has progressed since we started on this journey in 2019. Various elements have... Read More

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory drives heterogenous computing with oneAPI’s Math Kernel Library(oneMKL)

oneMKL Random Number Generators Domain now supports Nvidia GPUs Dr. Vincent R. Pascuzzi The increasing number of high-performance computing centers... Read More

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