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oneAPI in the News

Can Intel’s XPU vision guide the industry into an era of heterogeneous computing?

As data sprawls out from the network core to the intelligent edge, increasingly diverse compute resources follow, balancing power, performance, and response time. Historically, graphics processors (GPUs) were the offload target of choice for data processing. Today field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), vision processing units (VPUs), and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) also bring unique strengths to the table.

PING drives innovation forward with iron-clad digital tools

For PING, innovation is everything. The genesis for the company came in 1959 when its founder, Karsten Solheim, set his sights on designing a better putter that would improve his golf game. That putter made a “pinging” sound when striking a golf ball, which gave rise to the name of the company that would become a household name for golfers around the world.

Intel: Attacked and counterattacked in many ways

At first glance, Intel doesn’t look like a besieged company. Last year’s sales were $ 77.8 billion and profits were $ 20 billion. The market capitalization in mid-September 2021 is $ 220 billion. Still so. When you are a leader, all your competition is aimed at you.

Introduction to Level Zero API for Heterogeneous Programming

The Level-Zero API supports virtual functions, function pointers, unified memory, device partitioning, instrumentation and debugging as well as control of power management, control of frequency and hardware diagnostics, just to name a few.


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