The oneAPI brand.

We encourage the ecosystem to use the oneAPI logo in various ways, including publications, marketing efforts, and packaging.


Brand Usage Ideas

The oneAPI logo may be used by:

  • The press, researchers, academics, and others to represent the vision of oneAPI
  • Organizations that implement the oneAPI specification
  • Software developers who have implemented applications using the oneAPI specification and/or tools

Brand Usage

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The oneAPI logo must be used in connection with truthful, non-misleading references to oneAPI and for no other purposes. Anyone may use the oneAPI logo when talking about oneAPI or related products, after accepting the license agreement. Full usage guidelines are included in each kit.

Modification of the logo is allowed with following considerations:

  • The text and graphic elements should not be separated
  • The typography in the wordmark cannot be changed
  • Customization should not contain suggestive, lewd, obscene or pornographic content
  • To customize the logo for your product, you must also self-certify that your product is oneAPI-compliant and agree to the trademark license and branding guidelines.

General Use Logo

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General Use Logo

Can be used by the industry ecosystem by users, contributors, academia, and media with no modifications.

Download includes formatted logos and full brand guidelines.

Customize the Logo

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Customize the Logo

Companies that have self-certified and have an implementation of oneAPI can customize the logo. Customized logos can also be used by contributors who have self-certified with any oneAPI element.

Download includes formatted logos, customizable logo files, and full brand guidelines.

oneAPI Self-Certification

Developers and vendors who create a product or implementation using an element from oneAPI Open Source or oneAPI specification can use and customize the oneAPI logo. Before you can customize the oneAPI logo, you must self-certify that your offering is oneAPI certified, and agree to the trademark license and the oneAPI brand guidelines. The oneAPI specification describes tests that can be used for each oneAPI element.


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