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We invite radical collaboration from across the ecosystem to create a shared industry spec that gives developers the power and flexibility to create fast, innovative, data-centric solutions.

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The Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation is a cross-industry group committed to building a multi-architecture multi-vendor software ecosystem for all accelerators, and unifying the heterogeneous compute ecosystem around open standards. As an evolution of the oneAPI initiative, help us drive innovation and develop a specification and open source projects!

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The oneAPI Community Forum exists to define a standards-based, cross-architecture, open specification for accelerated computing and to foster the open source implementations of the specification. As part of the Community, you are invited to join meetings, review the oneAPI Specification, now part of the Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation, and read the information in the GitHub repository.

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The oneAPI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are here to facilitate technical discussions to bring positive changes to the oneAPI Specification and its elements. Join and participate in regular meetings to organize community proposals and contributions to the oneAPI specification.

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Participate in the oneAPI Community Forum by joining a Special Interest Group or a Working Group, register for upcoming oneAPI Community Forum Meetings, take part in the Marketing Committee, attend upcoming oneAPI events, and share your insights.

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The oneAPI Community Forum is growing with increased use of the oneAPI programming model in Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing, HPC and other segments.

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