Announcement: oneAPI Expands to a Community Forum

Building on progress made on oneAPI adoption and implementations across multiple architectures and vendors, responsibility for determining the future direction of oneAPI is now shifting to a community forum to address the evolving needs of the developers, software vendors, national labs, researchers, and silicon vendors. Codeplay will lead in establishing the forum and growing and coordinating the oneAPI developer community. Codeplay’s experience working with the Khronos Group on development of SYCL and expertise in delivering cross-platform SYCL and oneAPI tools, uniquely position it to facilitate these next steps. While oneAPI has always been an open effort, the forum will lead to greater community participation and guide the evolution of oneAPI to enable more cross-architecture, multivendor implementations and even more rapid adoption. Codeplay, in concert with the community, will provide additional details on the transition in the next quarter.


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