How to Quickly Build Production-Ready ML Solutions

How to Quickly Build Production-Ready ML Solutions

In this session we will talk about the challenges faced by developers that would like to enhance their applications with AI and ML. We will talk about how developers are quickly becoming the main drivers of AI transformation. We will give an overview of the machine learning platform, and highlight AI Blueprints, a new capability designed for software developers that can turn every developer into an AI creator without defocusing from their everyday work of app creation.

We will show how using AI Blueprints can scale the ML usage in applications for use cases like object detection, text-detection, pose-detection and scene detection. You’ll learn how to use your own data to train and deploy custom ML pipelines for any use case or industry. We will end with a real-life example of how to build and deploy a production-quality AI Blueprint in minutes. In this talk you’ll get an overview of:

● Open source and commercial products for building, monitoring, and managing ML pipelines in production
● MLOps and how it can be implemented to streamline your end to end machine learning workflow
● How to automate the AI model lifecycle with ready-to-use and customizable ML pipelines
● Example ML use cases you can use today to build your own AI

Michael Galarnyk

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