TraffiKAI: An AI-Powered Solution for Efficient Traffic Management

In this talk, we will be discussing TraffiKAI, an AI and ML solution designed to address the pressing issue of traffic congestion and the challenges faced by emergency vehicles. TraffiKAI proposes two components: Dynamic Traffic Signaling and Emergency Vehicle Detection. Our objective is to improve the efficiency of the traffic signaling system and ensure smooth traffic flow. We utilize the Intel AI Analytics Toolkit with the oneAPI DNN Library. This toolkit integrates with popular frameworks like TensorFlow, enhancing model performance.

Dynamic Traffic Signaling dynamically adjusts signal lights based on lane density. Object detection algorithms, such as Single Shot Detector, are employed for efficient detection. Emergency Vehicle Detection combines audio and video analysis, providing accurate identification using ensemble learning.

In summary, through dynamic signaling and accurate detection, TraffiKAI aims to enhance the efficiency of traffic systems and improve traffic management.

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