Powering Heterogenous Computing with oneAPI on ARM and Ponte Vecchio with SiPearl

Recently, Intel and SiPearl, a European-based CPU designer, have partnered to construct the foundational building blocks for an exascale super-computing center. SiPearl is acting on significant European funding to develop a European exascale super computing center based on European technology. Intel is able to feature in this endeavour thanks to the open standards we promote through our software (oneAPI) as well as our hardware. The technology revolves around an ARM Neoverse v8 processor and Intel’s HPC-class discrete GPUs (Intel Xe). To make this heterogenous ecosystem function, we are leveraging the cross-architecture powers of oneAPI where we have a SYCL (DPC++) code compiled to target ARM as well as Xe. The benefit to this: one code-base, multiple diverse target architectures, no vendor-lock-in.

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