Leveraging oneAPI Containers to Deploy OpenVINO™ Notebooks for Efficient AI Research

This presentation will demonstrate how to use Apptainer containers to deploy Intel OpenVINO Jupyter notebooks for an optimized AI research workflow. OpenVINO is Intel’s toolkit for deploying pre-trained deep learning models and optimizing model inference. The oneAPI containers package all the required software dependencies in a self-contained unit. Apptainer enables seamless integration of these containers into HPC clusters such as Digital Research Alliance of Canada, which provides Canadian researchers with the support they need for leading-edge research excellence, research, innovation and advancement across all disciplines.

We will demo the performance benefits of running OpenVINO notebooks in Apptainer for rapidly prototyping and iterating on neural network architectures. The containers grant access to accelerated model training and inference on Intel CPUs and GPUs. We will also discuss how the Apptainer execution model provides security, reproducibility and portability for AI research.

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