Intel® optimization for Tensorflow with DevCloud - oneAPI Workshop

Join us for a hands-on workshop training on “Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow with DevCloud” tailored specifically for developers. In this workshop, you will dive into the powerful world of Intel® optimization techniques to accelerate your TensorFlow workflows and leverage the capabilities of Intel® DevCloud. Through practical exercises, you will gain hands-on experience in optimizing TensorFlow workloads using Intel® DevCloud, a cloud-based platform that offers access to a wide range of Intel® hardware resources.

Key Takeaways: By the end of the workshop, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Intel’s optimization strategies for TensorFlow and be equipped with the skills to accelerate your AI and machine learning projects using Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit. Join us for an interactive and practical workshop that will take your AI/ML skills to the next level!

If you are an AI Developers, ML Engineer, Data Scientist, or Researcher, this session is for you!


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