Hunting Dinosaurs with Intel AI Technologies

In this workshop, we will explore an end-to-end AI application with the goal of creating a dinosaur bone bed likelihood map to help guide your next dinosaur hunt! Join us as we use machine learning algorithms, powered by oneAPI, such as Intel Extension for Scikit-learn, NumPy, and OpenVINO as part of this AI dinosaur adventure.

We will first use Intel Extension for Scikit-learn to preprocess metadata and experiment with semi-supervised learning and clustering techniques on known dinosaur bone beds. We will then apply metadata labeling to aerial photos to be fed to a convolutional neural network using the Intel oneDNN library to classify the aerial images. Finally, we will use Intel OpenVINO to streamline the inference capability on Intel CPUs to process thousands of images and create a bone likelihood map that can be applied to other regions of the globe than the one they were initially trained on!

Note: Because dinosaur bones on US Federal lands are protected – we will have to obfuscate the actual map in deference to the dinosaur privacy.

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