Building AI Super Reference Kits Workshop

In this workshop, participants will delve into the “Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business” Super Kit. Developed from Intel’s original collaboration with Accenture on AI reference kits and Intel’s Edge AI Reference Kits, this Super Kit prototypes AI optimizations for the pharmaceutical sector, encompassing components for demand forecasting, predictive asset maintenance, visual anomaly detection, and generative AI chatbot functionalities. Through a live hands-on session, attendees will not only navigate the sample codebase and deploy components using tools like Docker but also learn to construct their own prototypes leveraging the AI Super Kit’s reference architecture. We will explore the implementation of optimized AI tools like OpenVINO Anomalib and oneAPI optimizations for popular frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, XGBoost, and Scikit-Learn. Additionally, we will discuss a generative AI chatbot implementation using LLM chain techniques and retrieval augmented generation (RAG). From this session, developers will gain insights into the rapid prototyping and deployment of robust AI solutions, using Intel’s pre-set optimizations, on the 4th Generation Xeon VMs within the Intel Developer Cloud.

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