Democratizing the use of AI: FUJITSU - MONAKA

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, but accessibility remains a challenge. Our mission is to democratize AI, fostering open collaboration with the global community to develop human-centered, sustainable digital transformation.

Japan’s NEDO has launched an initiative to achieve 40% energy savings in domestic data centers by 2030. Fujitsu’s MONAKA, a 2 nm Arm CPU arriving in 2027, focuses on energy efficiency to support carbon-neutral green data center super-computing.

Fujitsu’s unique microarchitecture is pivotal for CPU performance and power efficiency. Fugaku, the world’s most efficient supercomputer, is a testament to our technology. MONAKA is poised to drive the next-gen AI application ecosystem with energy-efficient computing.

Our R&D efforts concentrate on enhancing Intel oneAPI for ARM SVE, optimizing ARM SVE platforms for ML workloads, and speeding up deep learning processes with optimized oneDNN.

Join us for a tech talk on Fujitsu’s innovative AI technologies, and discover how we bridge the gap between AI experts and enthusiasts, making AI accessible to all.

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