Annual Report 2023 Rising Tides of Open Source

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In 2023, the technology landscape witnessed a significant milestone with the formation of the Unified Acceleration (UXL) Foundation, announced at Open Source Summit Europe in Bilbao, Spain, on September 19. Hosted under the LF’s Joint Development Foundation umbrella, the UXL Foundation emerged as a transformative force aimed at reshaping the future of accelerated computing. The initiative focuses on heterogeneous computing, a paradigm that leverages a variety of processors such as CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other specialized accelerators, particularly for AI and data-intensive applications.

The UXL Foundation extends the oneAPI initiative, which has already gained traction as an open programming model covering multiple architectures. Guided by a steering committee, the Foundation has garnered the support of industry leaders such as Arm, Fujitsu, Google Cloud, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Qualcomm Technologies, and Samsung. United by a common vision, these organizations aim to create the most extensive open ecosystem for accelerated computing, grounded in open standards and inclusive of multiple vendors.

The ethos of the UXL Foundation is rooted in collaboration and the open source approach. By bringing together top technology companies and fostering a collaborative environment for cross-platform development, the Foundation aims to unlock unprecedented levels of performance and productivity in data-centric solutions. The foundation’s goal to establish a programming platform that is both multi-architecture and multi- vendor, offering a vendor-neutral approach to software development for heterogeneous architectures, emphasizes this collaborative spirit.

As a cornerstone event of 2023, the formation of the UXL Foundation has set the stage for a new era in accelerated computing. It promises to provide a standardized, unified, and accessible pathway for developing computationally and data-intensive applications, giving customers the flexibility to choose the hardware that best suits their specific needs. The foundation’s inception marks a pivotal step toward a more integrated and standardized future in the rapidly evolving field of accelerated computing.

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