Empowering AI on Red Hat OpenShift Data Science With Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit and OpenVINO™ toolkit

Data science and machine learning are helping drive business decisions and generate insights for organizations across a spectrum of industries. However, developing and deploying highly-performant ML workflows can be challenging. Learn how Intel and RedHat have partnered together to enable Intel’s AI developer tools and performance optimizations (that are powered by oneAPI) on the RedHat OpenShift Data Science (RHODS) platform.

In this session, you will learn how to:
1.      Harness the power of drop-in acceleration for popular frameworks such as TensorFlow and Pandas while eliminating complex Kubernetes cloud and infrastructure setup by using Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit on OpenShift for an easy developer experience.
2.      Optimize an Automatic Speech Recognition model using OpenVINO developer tools and then deploy it in OpenShift using OpenVINO Model Server.

Watch in real time the power and ease of use of OpenVINO and AI Kit on the RHODS platform with a live demonstration.

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The oneAPI Specification joins the UXL Foundation. For more info:

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