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oneAPI in the News

oneAPI 0.7 Specification Released

The oneAPI specification v0.7 has been released, which defines the programming interface for core elements of oneAPI, including the DPC++ compiler, libraries, and Level Zero driver. This latest release includes several enhancements to DPC++ including 10 new language extensions, as well as updates to many of the libraries, among other improvements.

Initial Benchmarks with oneAPI Level Zero

Last week Intel released an initial set of micro-benchmarks for their oneAPI Level Zero and with L0 support being plumbed into their open-source Intel Compute Runtime, this weekend I started toying around with some Level Zero benchmarks on a variety of Intel processors.

Breaking Boundaries with Data Parallel C++

Programming languages are a dime a dozen; throw a rock in any direction and you’ll hit one. Question is … can you use any of them to program data-centric applications that are deployable across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and AI accelerators? You can now.


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