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Extending MAGMA Portability with OneAPI

As the architectures of super-computing systems are continually changing, it is important to maintain efficient code portability in order to continue to take advantage of the computing capabilities of the diverse and evolving hardware in these systems. Intel has adopted…
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Newspaper Article • January 18, 2023


Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-08 Released With Explicit SIMD Extension

Along with this week marking the release of oneAPI Level Zero 1.0, the oneAPI Data Parallel C++ compiler has seen…

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Newspaper Article • August 21, 2020

Brightskies Deploys Open Source RTM Application for Easy Optimization across Multiple Architectures

In today’s high-performance computing applications, many different pieces of hardware can perform data-centric functions.

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Newspaper Article • August 19, 2020

DPC++ Programming on NVIDIA GPU

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Newspaper Article • August 13, 2020

Intel Compute Runtime Preparing For The Upcoming oneAPI Level Zero 1.0

It looks like Intel will soon be tagging their oneAPI Level Zero specification as version 1.0. At the end of…

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Newspaper Article • August 7, 2020

Intel ISPC 1.14 Released With Initial GPU Offloading Support

A few days back we wrote of Intel's ISPC compiler landing GPU code generation support for their UHD/Iris/Xe Graphics from…

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Newspaper Article • August 2, 2020

Intel Brings IBM POWER CPU Support To Their Deep Neural Network Library

Besides the code itself to Intel's oneAPI being open-source, the company is being surprisingly open about its support even for…

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Newspaper Article • July 31, 2020

Dell Technologies HPC Community Interview: Bob Wisniewski, Intel’s Chief HPC Architect, Talks Aurora and Getting to Exascale

Intel is the prime vendor for the first US exascale supercomputer, the Aurora system, scheduled for delivery in 2021 at…

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Newspaper Article • July 14, 2020

Intel Compute Runtime Update Adds OpenCL + oneAPI Level Zero For DG1

Intel's open-source Compute Runtime stack for providing OpenCL and oneAPI Level Zero support for their graphics hardware has now rolled…

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Newspaper Article • July 4, 2020

TensorFlow on oneAPI Industry Innovation:

With the growth of AI, machine learning, and data-centric applications, the industry needs a programming model that allows developers to…

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Newspaper Article • June 24, 2020

SeRC and Intel Form oneAPI Academic Center of Excellence

At the start of this week’s ISC High Performance conference, the Swedish e-Science Research Center (SeRC) is delighted to announce…

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Newspaper Article • June 23, 2020

oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Merges Its Initial CUDA Backend

Intel's oneAPI crew just released version 2020-03 (though one would have thought it should be 2020-05) of their Data Parallel…

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Newspaper Article • May 15, 2020

A Shift to Modern C++ Programming Models

In this Code Together podcast, Nicole Huesman hosts Alice Chan from Intel and Hal Finkel from Argonne National Lab to…

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Newspaper Article • May 7, 2020