Keynote - The oneAPI Software Abstraction for Heterogeneous Computing

oneAPI is a cross-industry, open, standards-based unified programming model. The oneAPI specification extends existing developer programming models to enable a diverse set of hardware through language, a set of library APIs, and a low-level hardware interface to support cross-architecture programming. It builds upon industry standards and provides an open, cross-platform developer stack to improve productivity and innovation.

At the core of oneAPI is the DPC++ programming language, which builds on the ISO C++ and Khronos SYCL standards. DPC++ provides explicit parallel constructs and offload interfaces to support a broad range of accelerators. In addition to DPC++, oneAPI also provides libraries for compute- and data-intensive domains, e.g.: deep learning, scientific computing, video analytics, and media processing. Finally, a low-level hardware interface defines a set of capabilities and services to allow a language runtime system to effectively utilize a hardware accelerator


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