Building an Open AI & HPC Ecosystem

In the world of AI & HPC programming, to get high performance, developers need accelerators that have high levels of parallelism, but often these uses closed and proprietary programming models.

Developers are demanding open and standards-based solutions that deliver both performance and portability. An open and unified programming model gives developers a way to cost-effectively take advantage of the growing diversity of processor platforms and avoid being locked into a single vendor. This presentation will explore where we are in creating an open ecosystem that uses open standards and how we can get the industry to work together with open standards. Codeplay has been working on these challenges for years having been closely involved in the OpenCL and SYCL Khronos standards for parallel compute. Most recently we have been involved in oneAPI spec definition and expanding DPC++, adding support for Nvidia GPUs.

I will show the vast progress that has been made today, where we’re going next and how you can help us build an open ecosystem for AI and HPC programming.


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