AI Everywhere:  Scaling AI with End-to-End Productivity, Performance, Openness, and Security

As artificial intelligence transforms from niche to omnipresent, the increased diversity of use-cases and workloads presents an ever-expanding set of platform challenges. With a lot of AI today already running on Intel hardware, the tools and framework optimizations that make up Intel’s AI Software Portfolio can help chart your best path forward in AI.
Learn how we are working with our ecosystem partners to deliver new levels of performance through software acceleration of popular AI frameworks while simultaneously maximizing developer productivity and ease-of-use by creating and embracing open, unified, and secure standards for our suite of end-to-end AI tools and libraries.
Software is the ultimate determinant of computing platform utility and AI software productivity, performance, openness, and security are all key to enabling “AI Everywhere” by allowing new AI insights and solutions to be implemented across industries ranging from healthcare and telecommunication, to industrial, retail, and more.

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The oneAPI Specification joins the UXL Foundation. For more info:

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