Developer Summits: Build Connections and Experience oneAPI

This year the number of oneAPI  Developer Summits (DevSummits) is increasing — enabling more developers to   participate, learn and contribute.

Want to write code to take advantage of the integrated GPU in your system?  Or reduce development costs when targeting code to multiple accelerator architectures?  How about network with other developers optimizing code for AI, Visual Computing and HPC?

Learn about these and other topics at the oneAPI initiative cross-industry site and at a series of Intel DevSummits where you’ll hear how to develop cross architecture applications for CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other accelerator architectures.

More Events – More Opportunities to Build Connections

The number of events is growing this year. With a schedule designed to meet developers where they are, oneAPI DevSummits are being held as standalone events, or in tandem with key industry events that attract software developers. This offers more opportunities to more developers to experience oneAPI, build connections, and learn to reduce development costs for AI, HPC, Visual Computing, and other segments by leveraging code across multiple architectures.

Participating in a DevSummit is an excellent way to further your training. A marked difference this year is at least 90 percent of the presentations will be given by members of the developer community, or will be more intimate developer-focused community conversations, allowing attendees to build connections and gain new experiences with the oneAPI spec.

The oneAPI community continues to grow, with the rise of the RISC-V (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) consortium, events organized by the EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden, and community-led SYCL workshops at ISC, and other Dev Summits focusing on AI, HPC and visual computing.

The Standards-based, oneAPI specification simplifies software development, enables legacy code integration, and empowers developers to use the best architecture (processors, GPUs, FPGAs and other accelerators) for their solution. This creates freedom of choice for developers while expanding standards, as they can work with a wide range of options: from SiPearl on the Arm Neoverse platform, to RISC V, to Intel oneAPI as well as China-Indigenous hardware. The result: uncompromising application performance, increased productivity, greater innovation, reduced development cost, and shorter time to value.

Additional benefits from participating include:

  • Hands-on experience using oneAPI on the Intel® DevCloud, along with the option to post your project(s) on Intel® DevMesh
  • A deeper understanding of the oneAPI spec through seminars and expert sessions
  • An opportunity to become a oneAPI Innovator, Student Ambassador or Speaker

2022 DevSummit Events: More Opportunity to Experience oneAPI

This year oneAPI DevSummits will have an increased focus on AI and Visual Computing, such as innovations in ray tracing and rendering, as well as HPC.  Another topic to watch out for is SYCL, a higher-level programming model that enables code for heterogeneous processors to be written using standard ISO C++ with the host and kernel code for an application contained in the same source file.

In addition, the 2022 DevSummits showcase community ported and optimized cross platform applications using Intel® technologies and those from other providers. This demonstrates the freedom of choice that now exists using the oneAPI spec, and how developers and companies can maximize their hardware value.

Hackathons will also play a role at many events this year.  There, attendees can gain access to current examples of oneAPI projects along with reusable code samples.

By focusing on these and related subjects, DevSummits provide useful information on how more developers, students, faculty, and leaders within the industry can take advantage of the oneAPI spec.  The result will create a larger pipeline of projects and advocates that demonstrate the value and efficiency of oneAPI and the peace of mind it offers.

oneAPI DevSummits are a mix of standalone events, and those that take place in tandem with industry events.  

Stay Up-to-Date on 2022 Events

In addition to articles on specific upcoming events, an event calendar will be maintained on the oneAPI.iowebsite. Keep your eyes open for a DevSummit near you:



10th International Workshop on OpenCL and SYCL (IWOCL) May 10-12

DevSummit May 9 & 10

    ISC 2022 May 29 – June 2

DevSummit May 27

Hamburg, Germany
Data + AI Summit June 27-30

DevSummit date TBD

San Francisco, California
Japan DevSummit July date TBD Location TBD
SIGGRAPH 2022 August 8-11

DevSummit date TBD

Vancouver, Canada
South Korea DevSummit August 25 Location TBD
Southeast Asia DevSummit September 15-16 Location TBD
Intel On/DevSummit September 27-28 Location TBD
PRC DevSummit September date TBD Location TBD
SC22 November 14-17

DevSummit date TBD

Dallas, Texas
NeurIPS | 2022 November 26 – December 4

DevSummit date TBD

Virtual and In Person

New Orleans, Louisiana


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